It’s amazing to think that all the atoms, protons and neutrons in our bodies are the same as those first created at the dawn of the universe. It’s even more amazing to think that all of the elements, in all the things we see, were created in the stars, as they died. We are made from the same things the universe is made of. I find that staggering. Subtle changes make you different from me, a tree, a cat, an elephant, a whale, a blade of grass. We are basically different expressions of existence. Like a set of Lego blocks can create a house, if you take them apart you can make something new each time you want to and just like Lego blocks, each of us are unique but break us down and we could be made into something different. The nature of the physics of our universe is incredibly simple, elements created by dying stars, atoms, protons and neutrons being present from the first second of the ‘Big Bang,’ as well as right now in a cell in your body. We live and exist in a simply wonderful and beautiful universe. It’s as if life itself is finding every possible expression of existing. Yet what really blows my mind, is that if you look through a microscope into a cell, you see the same as if you were looking at the birth of our universe. This is amazing, beautiful, mind blowing and simple. It takes my breath away to think that we are the universe in motion, now. Creation never stopped, we are living it now. We come from and are the cosmos, each of us being a fresh expression of existence, all having the same building blocks as a star, a fish, a plant or rock. We are a living universe.



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