No Mistakes


No mistakes.

There was a young man who read many books. When it came to fixing something, he could do so, by reading a book about it. One day it was discovered that the things he had fixed were still not working properly, so he visited the elder.
“I have never made a mistake, but the water pump still does not work. I have read all the books on fixing it, but still it does not work.”
The village elder said, “Then you have made a mistake, if the pump still does not work.”
“I never make mistakes!”
“Just because you have read the books, doesn’t mean you know how to fix it.”
“No, the pump must be broken, no good; I never make mistakes!”
“Well,” said the elder, “You must be a genius! To be able to read everything and fix everything simply by reading books, that is genius! So why does the water pump still not work?”
“It is unfixable. We need a new one.”
“On the contrary, we need a someone else to fix the pump! If my table is broken, I go to a carpenter. If my roof is leaking, I seek a builder; if my clothes need stitching, I go to a someone who can sew. Yet you are a carpenter, builder, seamstress and more? Fetch me a plumber and we shall fix the water pump!”
Chagrined, the young man relented and sought a plumber, who came and fixed the pump. The plumber took one look at it and saw the problem and fixed it. The young man felt deflated.
“I am amazed that the unfixable is fixed,” said the elder.
“Well… The books never mentioned about that part the plumber replaced.”
“This is your first mistake. We learn by making mistakes, not just by reading. An educated person makes mistakes just as an uneducated person does. Go away and make mistakes, then come back to me and tell me what you have learnt.”



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