It was dirty,
So I polished the surface,
Yet still, the mirror was not
reflecting my true self.
I washed myself,
But the mirror did not show
a true image of my person.
I longed to see the real me,
For the mirror would not show it,
So I searched high and low,
Far and wide,
Yet could not find it.
So I sat under the tree
and thought about where I would find it.
And as I pondered where,
I found it there,
As I gazed at the water;
It was clear and rippled
over rocks, pebbles and stone.
It carried fish along,
Reflected the sky and tree
and it displayed a depiction
of that which is truly me.
I watched the way the water moved,
Polishing the pebbles till they became smooth,
I saw how time ushered the flow,
I saw under the surface of the stream,
I saw everything below,
I viewed the presence of everything,
All within the trickling water.
I scooped a handful and drank the sun,
That refracted in the stream,
Drinking the numerous colours,
That paint the image of me.



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