The Love Thieves


A young woman had a gift that she wished to give another, yet no one wanted it. It was a message of love, but no one wanted to receive it. She became so upset, that she approached her father for advice.
“Do not upset yourself my child, if no one wants to hear your message of love, keep it until the right person asks for it,” said her father.
“I cannot keep it, for it longs to be shared. All of those I have tried to give it to listen but do not take it to their heart.”
“Then write it down, bind it so it can be easily opened, then leave it under the moon. On top of the book, write, ‘Do not remove,’ and surely the right person will take it.”
So the daughter wrote a little book to contain the message, bound it lightly and then went out into the night, placing it under the moon. Resting on top was a sign, “Please do not remove.”
The next morning, she went to see if the book was where she had left it, but it had gone. Excitedly, she told her father about the book being gone.
“My child, sometimes people do not want what is freely given, yet tell someone that they cannot have it and they begin to covet it.”
“Why is this, father?”
“It is indeed very curious. It is the nature of humankind to want that which is free, yet some feel the gain of taking what is not theirs, for to them it has greater value. Either way, it is free, for nothing is truly ours, but given on lease, such as life, love and the air we breathe.”



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