The Magic of Moments

There are times when we feel overwhelmed. So I am asking you to take a moment to stop. Take a breath, then another. If you can, go outside. As you look up, according to the time of day, you will see, clouds, the sky, the sun or stars. Our sun forms part of the solar system in our galaxy. Beyond our galaxy you can see the light of other galaxies, stars and star nurseries. You are looking at the past. If you were to view even further, you would see the distant past, back to the point where everything began. So, here you are, standing in this moment, now. The past and distant past is with you, now. The inception of creation is with you in this very moment. All is happening now. The light of distant stars has taken thousands of years, just to get to your eyes. Some of those stars are not even there now, they have passed on, being recycled in the universe. The recycling of stars has meant that all things created, have been born from the stars. Your very self, your blood, your bones, rocks, trees, plants, animals, insects, birds, everything has been created from elements that were once stardust. Creation is still happening, as we look about us. And all this is still happening now, in this moment, as you look up into the heavens. In this moment you are outside of time and all possibilities are now possible. 
The gears of time, as we know it, are the earths passage around the sun; our part of the spiral arm is whirling around the galaxy, which itself is moving in the ocean of the universe. And in this moment, anything is possible. As you look at your self, you are seeing one outcome that the universe discovered by making you. There are countless outcomes, countless choices, all available within this moment. Look about you and see the diversity in plants, animals, colours, shapes, forms, people and places, all created and each a fresh expression of the cosmos. 
Now think about what you are facing in your own life. If you are saying that you think you can’t do it, if you think there’s no choice, think again. For in this moment, the universe is in and around you, all of time is happening now, here. The future is waiting for you to make a decision. Tonnes of possibilities have enabled you to be here now, and they are endless. 
The magic of moments is knowing that all possibilities are here, devoid of time, and you are a manifestation of them. Don’t ever think that you don’t have time, for you do. This moment is eternal. There has only ever been one moment and it is now. The magic is in this moment, where all is one, for all are made from the same elements, the same stardust, all being connected in this simple way. The magic is timeless, bringing the past and future together at the same time, making this moment eternal. And you are here in this eternity, this moment, where the magic resides and pulses through your veins. It’s in the very air you breathe. This is creation happening now. As you witness it, it witnesses you. You are the magic happening now and it is in you. Everything is simply being. The magic is within you. The magic is all about you. You are living magic. This is the present, the present moment and it is a gift to you. And this is the magic of moments.


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