You Are Amazing

Just stop for a moment, as I want to explain something to you, but first, imagine that you are outside on a starlit night and there is not a cloud in sight. As you look up at the billions of stars, you are looking at the past. If you could see beyond our galaxy, you would see billions more stars and beyond them, the beginning of the universe, the creation of all things. You would be looking at the first few seconds of existence, from which all things have formed. The first protons and neutrons that formed, eventually formed everything. Elements were forged in the heavens and with time they were recycled endlessly, to form everything you can see, smell, touch and taste. All rocks, plants, animals, people, birds, waters, insects and more besides have stardust in them and so do you.

Something even more amazing, is that creation never stopped. No, it never stopped and as you look up at the starry night sky, creation is happening now. It seems like it all happened millions of years ago, but it never stopped and here you are, watching creation unfold, now. The gears of time, the galaxy and solar system, are merely spinning somewhere in the universe, but everything is happening now. The past, future and present are all in this moment. How? Well, light is both particle and wave, plus the curious thing about photons is that they always get to where they need to be, whether observed or unobserved. In fact, they seem to know what state they need to be, only after they’ve arrived. It’s as if they don’t know what to be until they reach their destination, yet they are always light, always a photon. And photons never die, they merely change state or become something else. The starlight you see has taken thousands of years to reach your eyes. When you observe the light, it converts into a signal that travels to your brain. Here it becomes a memory. Many of the stars you see, have expired and been recycled in the universe, but the memory of their existence has passed into you. And the way stars form networks, is similar to the neural networking of our brains.

So, what I want to explain to you is this; no matter how you think about it, you are a star, you are light and shine brightly. You have stardust in every cell of your very being. Also, the light you observe through your eyes is now in your brain. You are full of light. Because you have stars in your body and light in your brain, you also are in two states, body and soul. Light is from the elements and helped form everything. It is energy. As a body, you are like a particle of light, observed and noticed. As a soul, you are like a wave of light, unobserved but still existing. As light, you know where and how to get to where you are going, because when you look from the future to the past you know what form to take. Therefore, you are eternal. No one will forget you, for just as a dying star’s protons live in your brain, your memory, you also exist in the brains and memories of others, as well as the universe’s.

The gears of time allow you to see how far you have come. You are amazing. You are made of stardust and have it coursing through your veins. You are body and soul. You are light. You are a living memory in the mind of the universe. Like light, you change from one state to another to get to where you are going and you are on your way home, both body and soul, into the universe. Someone will see your light shining, even after your body has passed on, for you will have shone as light into their eyes, their memory. You are eternal. You have been given the present, to help make sense of all of this.

So look up at the night sky, stand in awe and celebrate just how amazing you are. 


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