Why does death occur?

Why does a tiger purr?

Why does a virus exist?

Why does change cause us to resist?

Why do we have pain?

Why do floods come with rain?

Why do we kill?

Why do loved ones become ill? 

Why do we succumb to venom?

Why is there evil in men?

Why have law, when so many are lawless?

Why do many not practice forgiveness?
And why do people love?

Why do we have so much space above?

Why so much space within an atom?

Why is there so much we cannot fathom?

Why is there so much diversity?

Why is there adversity?
Answer me why? 

Why does it make us cry

To see people in pain?

To see evil reign?
Let loose is freewill with every choice,

Let all things live and give all a voice,

Let all things be equal in creation,

Let all things things have choice to topple the equation,

Let all things have impermanence,

Let all things have experience,

Let all things learn of consequence.
And let all know, all things change,

Let all things have a choice to change.

Who is victim and who predator?

Who is rich and who a debtor?

Who has values? Who knocks on the door?

Let all things hear the call,

Let all things follow the universal law.
The virus, the venom, the hunter, 

The victim, the ill, the oppressor, 

Are all equal and given chance to exist,

Are all given choice to resist,

So stand up for truth, stand up for choice,

Stand up for those who have no voice,

And conquer evil with love,

It is a power given to all, 

From that which is above. 
All things are equal;

They are born and they die, 

Equality is in the beholder’s eye.

Yet the power given to all to assume

Is choice to let what’s good, right and true

Overbalance the equation, by being you

Giving you choice as to what to do.

And when two, three or more agree on what is right,

The mystery of creation hears our plight. 
Have faith in the good, the right and truth,

Then live in this way, so there is living proof

Of illness being overcome,

Of the floods uniting us as one;

Of venom’s sting becoming undone,

Of the virus being overcome,

Of justice uniting us as one. 
So the question is not, “Why?” but, “How?”

The choice is given to you,

Starting from now. 



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