Path of Memory

Along an astral path,

Heading towards the unknown,

Leaving memories, like breadcrumbs,

So we many trace our way home.

Winding round the clockwork,

Our planet a gear in the works,

Our galaxy yet another cog

Of where time may lurk. 

Movement within the stars,

Never static, moving forever in space,

Treading only once on a location,

Memory leaves a souvenir to trace. 
Forever moving forward,

Creation bangs the gong,

Time no more a feature

For its illusion now is gone.

Living for each moment,

Existence ventures on,

Never stepping in the same river twice,

One wonders where it has gone.
It moves, it weaves, it always leaves

A memory to impart

of spacetime now and forever,

Like a phantom in the dark.

What matter has been known,

Recycled endlessly, knowing what to do,

The atom, like a snowball,

Gathers memories on its way through

The universe and its moments,

Forever to impart,

Knowing just what to be

And exploring every path.
On our route through the universe,

One never stands on the same place twice,

For spacetime marches on, 

So pay heed to to this advice;
From within the mind’s eye,

 You can perceive a memory,

Its location in time and space,

 Is behind, laying in eternity.

Seek it and you will find

 the secret of how spacetime weaves

The memory within each atom,

 How it transforms from flower into a leaf.
The cosmos fires memories,

Like stars through the night,

Along its synaptic pathways,

It learns and makes this existence bright.

This universal mind

Imparts the learning, like a mime,

Arriving like a proton,

As wave or particle, knowing ahead of time

What form it takes is necessary

To get to where its going,

Along the road of memories,

It is powerful and all-knowing. 


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