The Question

I asked God, “Why are there floods, viruses, venom; floods and disasters?”
And the answer I received was, “All are equal & given chance to exist, given freewill. We are all given opportunity to stand up for what is right, for there are those who use their freewill for other means.”

It would be so easy if everything was given to us on a plate, but freewill means we’ve been given choice.

Everything is equal within creation, given the chance to exist. Where there is a virus, devastation and evil, we have been given choice and opportunity to stand up, come together, unite, speak up, and defend the weak, afflicted, heal the sick, oppressed and victims. All things are created with a chance to exist, whether virus, bacteria, animal, human, vegetable, plant or mineral and two things keep us equal, birth and death.

 All are born and all die. Beyond death it is a matter of faith, yet all things return to the universe. Just as protons and neutrons formed the first atom, which has become the universe within us, and form the basis of all life, our mortal bodies go back to be recycled in the universe. As mentioned before, what happens to your soul is a matter of faith. 


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