Thought of Life

An idea firing from
a synapse of the universe, 

like light reaching your eye

thinking, what shall I be?

The mind creates the cogs of time 

within an atom, a solar system, a galaxy,

so the universe can make sense, 

order out of chaos, 

a neuron of dark matter is born

and when a star dies

another idea sends more light, 

like a neurotransmitter.

A memory is formed 

moving forward through spacetime,

like a river flowing,

each remembrance

an ‘x’ marks a point on the journey 

but where is this memory? 

Retracing its steps, 

it cannot locate the same place

for like the water,

it never steps in the same river twice,

this flow racing towards a distant shore,

the other side of the universe,

another synapse of the eternal mind,

receiving the mute message

as a thought, 

an idea of existence,

another way to live,

another way to be,

mirrored within each new cell

of the next expression of life.

These ideas pass

like shooting stars,

fleeting for a moment

but the moment is an eternity,

a treasury contained in a distant sun,

recycling the expired elements

within its death an experience lingers

which enables it once more to be

a fresh experience,

a new form. 

Then, within the flower, I bloom,

a seed falls, life prevails.

I look up and see, 

A new sun looking like me.


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