The Seeker

There is an eternal moment

resting in the universe,

where everything is,

has been,

all is yet to come. 

And in this moment

all of time is present,

future, past and now, 

awaiting the observer,

to watch and learn

all the intricacies of being.

Unseen, it is,

Seen, it still is,

as light, a memorandum, 

just being. 

Such is the eternal moment,

that many yearn to touch,

feel, hear, and speak it.

Few have entered that occasion,

where mysteries have been imparted,

but such a blessing is freely given

to all who enquire,

for it is impartial,

no prejudice resides here.

As the majesty unfolds,

many examples are shown,

treasure thrown before you,

pearls become stars,

jewels become elements,

free for all share,

nothing can be taken,

nothing stolen.

Such wisdom is sought by many

who open their hearts to hear;

A congregation arises awaiting

the word to be 

and to see the word in action.

Anticipation excites them,

then the show begins.

As the moment unfurls,

a parable is relayed,

explaining how all is made

and how it is found in the now,

the viewer is informed

then turns away from the stage,

returning to the world

to resume life in its mortal daze.

Stirring to life, 

the watcher fails to relay

the majesty of that moment,

words cannot describe it,

but another seeker is inspired

to find it amongst the annals of spacetime.

An adventure lies in store,

existence to be explored,

answers implore the seeker

to find that perfect moment.

Diligently they search,

in the hope of a find,

within the eternal mind of creation.


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