The Greatest Secret, explained

Knowing the location of things is something that should be explored by each person. Everything created has the same components. From whence do all things come?

What location is this? Where does everything come from? Where does it go? Where is the mind? Where is consciousness? What is life? What is existence? Where does it live?
“If you understand the universe,

The nature of the mind,

And where both are located,

You will have begun to understand.”
Where does the mind reside? Where is the universe? Is the universe inside of you? Yes. Is the universe outside of you? Yes. Now, tell me where is the mind?
“If you understand consciousness,

The nature of time,

And how both are formed,

You will have begun to understand.”
How is time made? What are the components of time? What and where is consciousness? 
“If you understand creation,

The nature of the way of things,

And how both work,

You will have begun to understand.”
What is the way of things? How are things created? Where do they come from? Where do they go to?
“If you know these answers

And can combine them into one idea,

Then you will have the raw knowledge

of what existence truly is.
And the answer you seek

Is devoid of opinion,

Not subjected to the influence of men.

This timeless wisdom is given freely

To anyone, anything,

And already exists inside them.”
All teaching is subjective. All learning is given through opinion. We must ensure that all knowledge is well rounded and given context from various perspectives.

‘Raw knowledge,’ is the truest wisdom and the basic building blocks of all things created. When cooked, it is made to taste according to the recipe. Use only the raw ingredient, not the spices. 
The universe is like a mirror, but when you look into it, you do not recognise yourself at first. With time you will look at the mirror and see beyond it, to realize that not only do you see your own reflection, but everyone else’s as well. 



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