Conscious Memory

A flicker, in the darkest night

awakes the light, 

a fleeting memory, 

what it once was and is.

With no time, that memory is not in the past,

It exists now, 

A wave on the shore of eternity,

A particle of salt in the sea of visibility,

full of sensory information,

like a dream whilst awake,

recalling what is happening now.

The watcher observes the wave with closed eyes,

the observed ripples into their mind,

Transformed from one state to another

it survives the crashing tide,

that cascades into the mind’s eye of the observer,

To live now, simply, forever.

The change of state avows eternal promise,

To be a memoir forever within each living cell. 
A new flower emerges to face the sun,

To look back in time and see a memory

as it feeds in that moment, 

The observer and observed,

Join hands from past to future,

To look at each other, in the moment,

Like two lovers,

Because one consciousness brought them here. 


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