I can see the darkness

and feel the heat fusing within,

hear the swirl and gushing.

Then in a storm of emotions

I explode into a sea of calm.

After a while,

A neighbour beckons me near

and I approach, cautiously,

joining them.

After a while,

we form something new,

I feel myself once more,

yet I’m something new.

And now we dance around,

spinning and turning,

all the while, I have this

burning desire to be more,

then evolution opens the door,

on the rock beneath my feet

and I step out of the cosmos

into a new dawn on a planet, far away.

I look back

to see my brothers and sisters,

looming over me 

like diamonds in the night sky

and in the sparkle of my eye

their light is captured,

a thought passed over billions of miles.

They nod their heads,

yet silently, 

we both know what has transpired.

This present form took on time

but that’s not what is on my mind,

nor in my soul.

As I look at my hand,

I see particles of an earlier me,

married with those of others,

for a union has taken place.

Time has been given to me

so I may sense liberty, 

but eternity remains in my veins.

I look up

to remember from whence I came.


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