Morals and philosophies

dreamt by the minds of men

descend throughout the ages

from word of mouth and sages,

wise women and men

have taught of them

to guide our sense of thought,

steering between right or wrong

in parable and song. 

The mind of the religious

institutes the ethical fibre,

symbols represent,

ceremonies reflect

ideas of righteous behaviors.

Yet judgment befalls all

who gauge a cage for sinners

of every persuasion,

guilt pervades us all

for humans kill,

do as they will

and call it an act of God.

“Let expediency rot!”

“Hell is for unbelievers!”

yet eternity beckons everyone,

like a river over a waterfall

we all fall, we all fall,

no innocent is among us.
So let us grasp at what makes

uncommon sense to expand

our conscious enquiry

to do what is right,

lend love’s light,

And burn, burn, ever so bright.


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