Without Prejudice

Without the elements, the first spark,

the first protons, first electrons,

and the exchange of ideas within atoms;

Without the explosion of stars,

the formation of gases, rocks,

the constant recycling of matter,

the flow, the constant changes,

None of this would be possible.

This consciousness of which

I experience now,

constructed by molecules and DNA 

within all things, which we all share

with brother flower and sister earth,

father universe and mother moon,

conspire to aid the awareness

I experience now. 

And if I have this insight, 

this consciousness, born from the things

that created me, why shouldn’t 

my natural relatives experience the same?  

For together we have come from 

the same source and when 

I consider the cosmos,

it is considering itself,

pondering over how and why.

Witness to the connections all about,

it does not understand the barriers,

the prejudice of one self detached from another,

for each share the same elements 

that made us and collectively, 

we are the universe.

(Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh & Carl Sagan)


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