Soul Voyager

 Take a look at your hand. You see four fingers, thumb, nails, lines in your flesh. Under the skin is blood, flowing without thought, without worry, just naturally pulsing through your veins. Your bones are also under the skin, being the scaffolding of your body. Between the bones are muscles, ligaments, cartilage. In every aspect of your hand, the bone, blood, ligament and muscle, there are cells. Now, imagine you have a microscope and you look beyond what you can see, to view these cells, molecules, DNA, chromosomes, atoms. And when you look within the atom, you are looking deeper still. You notice how the atom looks a bit like a solar system and going in further still, there is a lot of space. Within the deeper space, there are electrons, protons, neutrons and much more. And in this space you’re looking back in time to where those elements and atoms came from, the cosmos. Here, you were forged, in the starry furnaces of the universe. The first electron and proton that were created, went into every element and star that came after it. In the distant suns that formed, burned, then exploded, new elements and atoms were formed. Eventually, the universe evolved to create our galaxy, our solar system, our sun, moon and planet. And the same process that created life on our planet, that life which is you, now, is here looking at your hand. The universe is inside you. The distant stars in the universe, that have since expired, are in you. When you look at them, their light still shines, captured in the cogs of time made from orbits of solar systems and the rotation of galaxies.

 Yet, here’s where it gets really interesting; light and electrons are only visible when you observe them, because when an electron or photon is observed it reveals itself as a particle, but when unobserved it is as a wave. The photon/electron seems to be aware and conscious of whether or not it’s being watched. 

     So, those first electrons and protons that were created, that went into every element, star, galaxy, our solar system, our sun, our moon, our planet and your self is here, now, looking at your hand. And because it’s being observed, they are as particles, so they can be seen, in your atoms, your DNA, your bones, ligaments, muscles, blood, skin, hand and eyes. You are part of this visible universe; it’s aware of you as you look at your hand; observing you as you observe it. And you are part of the invisible universe, that is conscious of you, just as you are conscious of it. 

   Now, slowly unfocus and stop looking through the microscope, coming back from looking at the space, the universe, the stars, galaxies, atoms, cells, bones, blood, and notice the skin on your hand, the lines; your fingers and nails. And know that you are in the universe that is in you. Blink your eyes. Know that what you see is the reality of visible, observable particles and when your eyes are closed, you are a wave in a reality that is part of this ocean like universe. You are a physical presence observed by others in the universe, and your soul is an unobserved presence in the universe. You have the universe in and about your body. You observe that which observes you. Your soul is a voyager, your body a vehicle and we journey together through existence.

 All this is still happening now and the present is a gift, the grace of time; time that had been create in the rotation of galaxies, orbits of planets, with gravity’s aid. However, that first moment, when everything came into existence, the creation of all things, is happening now. In this very moment, the universe is recycling and creating. We have been given time to comprehend all of this, so we can grasp what is happening. Yet we do not grasp it with a physical hand, like the one you see before you. We are given time to pause, think and wonder about this reality we perceive.

  This is the miracle, the wonder, that is all about you and inside you. Know that you are in the universe that is in you; you are a soul voyager in a vast sea of consciousness.



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