God’s Retirement.

Long awaited sequel to God’s Holiday

Sougen Songs

“No, I’m not doing an interview with Piers Morgan! You can tell Janice that I’ve simply tonnes to do! I’m getting quite frustrated y’know with all this, er, this stuff going on. There’s always something to do and things to organize since this rebranding shenanigans. Why did we have to ‘move with the times?’ Things were fine as they were. Now it’s, ‘we need to enhance the customer interface,’ or, ‘Can we facilitate this incentive with positive export?’ I mean, what does ‘positive export,’ actually mean?”

“I believe it means, can we hurry things along. Can I be of more help maybe?” asked Doris, trying hard to be helpful.

“Dear, sweet Doris, I’m afraid not. It’s just part of the job. Being God is not always easy y’know …”

“How about asking the Archangels to help out more?”

“No, good grief no! They’re overworked as it is! I’d just be…

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