At first you seemed so far away,

A distant sun that shone through the night,

Until I felt drawn to you and realized

The stardust in my veins, my bones,

Was looking at an ancestor, who was looking at me;

Like a cloud seeing its self in the water, 

As a mirror depicts the viewer,

You saw me as a reflection of you

And my blood knew

It was looking homeward.

Yet a curious twist to the plot

Meant I discovered I was not in the universe,

But the universe was in me.

Now I know, there is no space between us,

For your dying light is the blood in my veins.

It just took me a while to see it

And I wouldn’t have, if you hadn’t died 

So I might live.
Now I know, why I’m so drawn to you,

You are the light in my eyes and

It’s me your seeing through,

Conscious of what you’ve become,

I become conscious of you,

Which means there is no space between you or I,

We are linked directly by heritage

And now I’m conscious of what I’ve become,

I am enlightened 

And coming home to you.



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