About Sougen.

At first you see a bald, 40-something, bearded biker, wearing glasses, covered in tattoos trying to hide a wok under his jacket, which is actually his belly. Some think this is intimidating, but once you speak to him, you hear his gentle voice, see the bright smile and notice that he has a gentle, mild manner. As you look at the tattoos, you notice that many of them are spiritual symbols. And then you notice the gleam in his blue eyes as he laughs at how you thought he was rough-looking. He’s not your typical biker. You chat about stuff and then you mention something, or ask a question, and are amazed by how something so intricate and complicated now seems easy to understand. Conversation flows from one thing to another, seamlessly, and soon you’re entranced by the rounded thinking, open mindedness and wisdom. Within a short while, you think that you are in the presence of an intelligent individual, but he soon puts you right by claiming that he is an idiot. Now you know not to judge a book by its cover. He is an everyday man in this everyday world, yet somehow he sees beyond all the facades, barriers and obstacles. You know he has thought about things, pondered over life, love, the universe, the world we live in and life in general.
This man wrote these poems, these songs & stories.


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